A Letter To The New York Post


The October 27 cover of The New York Post. What follows is an actual letter written to The New York Post by our Robert Smith, which obviously will never be published by its editors.

To The Editors,

To think that the New York Post does not even attempt to be an actual newspaper any longer should be shocking, but it’s par for the course.  Tuesday’s amateurish cover and accompanying article were far more bush league than anything the Phillies could ever do.  The job of a newspaper is to report, not to stand from afar and resort to petty, juvenile name calling – but then again, isn’t that the mode of operation of anything owned by Rupert Murdoch?

Tuesday’s edition was an insult to Kevin Kernan, Joel Sherman, and other baseball reporters on your staff who try to be, dare I say, actual journalists. The cover was an insult to the Phillies, to sports, to women, and even to Yankees fans; the most intelligent of them realize that sports is a battle of athleticism and wills, not a reason for false pride.

The New York Post has really outdone itself this time. You’re already a laughingstock at places such as WFAN and in the Phillies clubhouse. And now, you’re even more of a rag in this house.

Since you’re so fond of calling names, allow me this: The Post is a piece of crap.

Never again will I waste a penny of my money on your truly awful, embarrassing newspaper.

Robert Smith



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7 responses to “A Letter To The New York Post

  1. Jon Pine

    Holy effing crap! Tell me I’ve fallen into an alternate universe or the Yes Men have created another prank issue!!

    I am absolutely dumbfounded…


  2. Jon Pine

    I guess this is the best we can expect from the rag that also brought us this last February:


  3. Oh, yeah….I remember that “hilarious” political cartoon now.

    Most New Yorkers are more sophisticated than this; the only people who value the Post are the homeless who wrap themselves in it each night – you know, the the type of people the Post never refers to.

  4. The Post is obviously part of the conspiracy to elevate the National Enquirer to being the nation’s most reliable print news source. Further evidence …

    Despite over 1,000 (one thousand) trials being affected, no investigative reporter will type this sentence: “The FBI is mandated to investigate public corruption that affects the outcome of trials; their reluctance to address the prolific perjuries of DNA discredited “scent evidence experts,” including Keith Pikett and John Preston, may well be related to their own use of Preston nearly thirty years ago in investigating crimes on U.S. Postal grounds.”

    Because no reporter will type that sentence, a disabled interior designer – affected by peripheral public corruption – types the same sentence repeatedly on her blog, other blogs, letters to the editor, etc., in hopes that Spain is next in line – after Canada, Germany and Italy – to take notice and start asking, “Isn’t it kinda sorta dangerous to keep the wrong person behind bars while an actual killer and/or rapist walks free?” The Spanish frame such questions in a manner that reminds our leaders that international justice is available.

    Should anyone from Spain happen to catch this post, please note this poignantly pathetic irony: The FBI recently busted dogfighting rings in several states, prioritizing the protection of man’s best friend ahead of actual men.

  5. Robert Smith

    Update: Victorino came through with a clutch two-run single to help the Phillies defeat the Yankees 6-1 in game one of the World Series. What’s next, Post: Cliff Lee, who whipped the Yanks behinds, in a space suit? Ryan Howard in boxing trunks? I have an idea: How about Col Allan in a suit in an impersonation of a newspaper editor?

  6. Folks, don’t go to NYPost.com either – every time you do, you’re still filling the NY Post’s pockets with coin via banner advertising impression sales. the NY Times is awesome, but it sucks that NYC is a one paper time, because the NY Daily News is trash, too. a boycott should be organized of both papers so the owners will sell one to an owner who is interested in being in the journalism business. are we really comfortable with Murdock owning 2 papers in this town?

    • Robert Smith

      Anything owned my Murdoch (watch your spelling if you throw stones) is lowest rabble fodder, but the problem is that after the end of the Fairness Doctrine and the newer law that allows people to own both newspaper and TV stations, it’s all become amazingly homogenized; it’s hard to avoid Murdoch entirely since he owns so many news and communications outlets. But that doesn’t mean, as you mentioned, that we can’t try to avoid his stuff as much as we can.

      We need to bring back actual journalists, and most of all, we need to think before we act.

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