Is there an oddsmaker in the house?

by Jon Pine

There is a debate raging that maybe we can settle here on the DM Refugees blog:

Ahhnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger recently sent the letter you see below to the California State Assembly. If you examine it closely, you will see that the first letter of each line in the second and third paragraphs spell out F**K YOU.

Arnie says it’s a “coincidence.” Hmmm. I’m not exactly Jimmy the Greek, but I would have to guess that the odds are about 47 million-to-1 that it would work out that way by accident.

Check it out for yourself and answer the poll below.



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3 responses to “Is there an oddsmaker in the house?

  1. If we assume that all letters have the same probability of appearing at the beginning of each line (which is false, but it makes this a lot easier), then we’d be dealing with 26^7, which happens to equal: 8 031 810 176.

    47 million to 1 is nothing … that’s 8 BILLION to one. And then let’s deal with the four lines and then three … No. He did it one purpose. That he’s too gutless to admit that he’s that juvenile just makes this more pathetic.

    • Jon Pine

      Wow! Thanks, Wickle, for the odds update.

      Makes it even more obviously intentional. Arnie needs to take his toys and go back to the playground in “Kindergarten Cop.”

  2. BJH

    Hidden in plain sight!

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