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Die, Newspapers, Die: Second In A Series


Yes, leave it to Rupert Murdoch’s ever-so-tasteful, rabble rousing, sub-mental New York Post to put just the right spin on the recent, meaningless LeBron James Miami Heat signing for its Sunday, July 11 edition:

Of course, this is a country where, on one night this week, members of the public took to the streets in Cleveland, New York, Miami, and Chicago. War protests? Power grid failures? Job creation meetings? Worried about the oil spill in the gulf, perhaps?  Nahh…people wanted to know where James was going to sign as a free agent, and took to the streets – Clevelanders burned James’ jerseys, so incensed were they – to either celebrate (Florida) or scream in anguish (New York and the other cities). The Post apparently can’t get over the fact that James didn’t want to sign with the New York Knicks (owned by another enemy of a fair, balanced media, Cablevision owner James “Nepotism” Dolan, who now controls what used to be a newspaper, Newsday).

But back to the angry mobs on the avenues: Hey, dolts – when seafood is $11 a pound, you gonna take to the streets? When the neighbor’s kid comes home from the Middle East in a box, are going to pound the pavement? When temperatures hit 118 in the U.S. mainland this year thanks to “non-existent” climate change, you gonna hit the bricks?

Oh, sorry…y‘all only do what the TV box tell ya to. Forgot about that.

Thanks to The New York Post – not to mention ESPN – for keeping us so smart and informed.

© 2010 Robert Smith


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A Letter To The New York Post


The October 27 cover of The New York Post. What follows is an actual letter written to The New York Post by our Robert Smith, which obviously will never be published by its editors.

To The Editors,

To think that the New York Post does not even attempt to be an actual newspaper any longer should be shocking, but it’s par for the course.  Tuesday’s amateurish cover and accompanying article were far more bush league than anything the Phillies could ever do.  The job of a newspaper is to report, not to stand from afar and resort to petty, juvenile name calling – but then again, isn’t that the mode of operation of anything owned by Rupert Murdoch?

Tuesday’s edition was an insult to Kevin Kernan, Joel Sherman, and other baseball reporters on your staff who try to be, dare I say, actual journalists. The cover was an insult to the Phillies, to sports, to women, and even to Yankees fans; the most intelligent of them realize that sports is a battle of athleticism and wills, not a reason for false pride.

The New York Post has really outdone itself this time. You’re already a laughingstock at places such as WFAN and in the Phillies clubhouse. And now, you’re even more of a rag in this house.

Since you’re so fond of calling names, allow me this: The Post is a piece of crap.

Never again will I waste a penny of my money on your truly awful, embarrassing newspaper.

Robert Smith


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